Maybe you noticed our jade yoni eggs are a little bit more expensive than other webshops. But before you go, please notice that we only sell real nephrite jade instead of (fake) jade. Let us explain to you why.

Fake Jade

There are a lot of different jades on the market, including a lot (and I mean a looooot) of fake jade. Originally the yoni egg practice was done in the Tao Tantra with Nephrite Jade, this is the reason Pleasure Siren only sells real nephrite jade yoni eggs which are a bit more expensive than the fake jade eggs.

Of course, you can do the same practices with a fake jade yoni egg. But not only can fake jade be colored and be dangerous to use inside your body. The energetic, subtle qualities also aren’t the same as the nephrite jade. You would be missing out in your yoni egg journey.

To be honest, our nephrite jade yoni eggs have the lowest profit for us as a webshop. But we do find it important to only sell real and safe crystals instead of making a lot of profit on fake ones. So, I invite you, to listen to your intuition and choose the crystal and the webshop that feels good for you. But please know you’re worth to invest a bit more into a lifelong yoni egg that’s real instead of a fake one.