There are different sizes yoni eggs, ranging from L to XS. In this blog we discuss which size you should pick depending on your body and experience. Different of what most beginners think, is you start working with a yoni egg you start ‘bigger’ and work your way down to smaller eggs.

Our sizes:

  • Extra Small: 30mm x 20mm – recommended for really advanced users, high pelvis tension or vaginism
  • Small: 40mm x 25mm – recommended for advanced users or women with tightness or pelvic tension
  • Medium: 45mm x 30mm – recommended for all users and beginners (most used)
  • Large: 50mm x 35mm – recommended for beginners, high cervix yoni’s, weak pelvic muscles, post natural births and high numbness in the vagina
Too small

If your start too small it may happen that you don’t feel the egg or it even falls out your yoni. Not feeling the egg makes it difficult to practice with the muscles inside of your yoni. It is important to know that if your yoni eggs falls out, it’s not automatically a sign of your yoni egg being too small. It can be a sign that your vulva or vagina entrance is asking for stimulation with the yoni egg instead of deeper levels inside of your vagina. This area can hold feelings of guilt, shame or trauma. We invite you to listen to your own intuition and body.

Too Big

If the egg feels too big while guiding her inside your yoni or when it’s uncomfortable or even painful (when your excited and open enough), your yoni egg is probably too big for you to begin with. But after some practicing it can also be that you find it too easy to move or influence your yoni egg with your pelvic muscles, it can be a sign to try a smaller yoni egg.

When to size down (take the next step)?

After practicing with the same size for a while you will the egg better and better. It’s becomes easier to not only feel but also move the egg around in your yoni. It can be an invite to size down and try the same practices with a smaller egg. We always invite you to follow your body and intuition. Most yoni-owners feel when it’s ready to move to another size or crystal. Do you need any help choosing your crystal, read this blog.