At first, what do you intuitively feel? Which crystal of specific egg do you feel drawn to?

As feminine beings we are forgotten to trust our intuition, especially when it comes to decision about our body. Deep down, you know, you FEEL, which crystal your yoni is needing.

Because there is no right or wrong (except some crystals that are fake or even dangerous to use as a yoni egg, but you won’t find those here at Pleasure Siren). You can trust yourself while choosing your yoni egg or pleasure wand.

If you want some help, or there are more than one crystal jumping out for you, you can follow the guidance in this blog.

Beginners Yoni Egg – According to the Tao Tantra

There is a general rule in this original Taoist practice with the yoni egg that one starts with a nephrite jade yoni egg. It’s important that you choose real nephrite jade, instead of fake jade. Nephrite jade is on a energetic level really gentle, calming and balancing. Perfect to start your yoni egg journey with.

Nephrite jade is also seen as pure yang energy, while our yoni is divine yin energy. To combine those two in your yoni egg practice, you could balance both feminine and masculine energies in your body.

After Nephrite Jade it’s common in the Tao Tantra to switch to Rose Quartz (self-love and healing -heart chakra) or Black Obsidian (deep healing and protection) .

Which crystals are safe

All the crystal sold at Pleasure Siren are safe to use both outside and inside your yoni. But there are some (gem)stones/crystal which are unsafe to use in your yoni. At first, there are some webshops who sell fake colored crystals. It’s dangerous because the paint can contain chemicals that are disrupting your yoni’s pH levels and health. Please be careful shopping somewhere else! There are also crystal who will react to the pH levels of your yoni or the wetness of this environment, and are therefor not safe to use.

The following crystals are (if they are real and not colored/painted) safe to use:

  • Nephrite Jade
  • Black Obsidian (volcanic rock)
  • (Rose) Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Carnelian
  • Agate
  • Citrine
  • Aventurine
  • Jasper