Cotton Wax Cord – for Yoni Eggs


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Cotton Wax Cord – for Yoni Eggs

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Made of 100% cotton cord coated in a thin layer of wax (1mm thick – 70 meters long). The wax prevents the cord from becoming fluffy and keeps dirt out of the cotton fibers. Due to the wax this cord won’t lose it’s strength in humid areas ;)

How to use Cotton Wax Cord with your drilled Yoni Egg?

  1. Cut off a piece of cord.
  2. Thread the cord through the drilled hole in your yoni egg, until the two ends of the cord meet again.
  3. Optional: make a small knot in the two cords close to the yoni egg.


  • 1 roll of 1mm thick cotton wax cord – 70 meters*

*the 70 meters is sometimes divided in 1-3 pieces of cord knotted or waxed together inside the roll. This shouldn’t give any problem when used together with the yoni eggs, since you already have to cut smaller pieces and won’t use the 70 meters in once


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