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About us

Pleasure Siren was founded by Shayna Mazure-Lubben from emVROUWerment. A Dutch applied psychologist BSc and Tantra teacher with a specialisation in women care, the menstrual cycle and sexual pleaure. We helped hundreds of women through online and live courses, workshops and retreats to connect with their own body again.

We wanted to offer the right products for women to explore their own body, sexuality and pleasure. A safe place to shop all your pleasurable goodies. A place with a focus on the female body and orgasmic possibilites. By women, for women. With a clear vision of women’s empowerment.

This was the start of Pleasure Siren.

Shayna Mazure-Lubben

Shayna is an Applied Psychologist BSc with a specialisation in women’s care. She’s also a tantra teacher and sex coach. In 2019 she founded emVROUWerment to help more women to embrace their own bodies, cyclical nature, feminine energy and sexual pleasure. In her work she wanted to offer her clients pleasure products to explore their own orgasmic potential. But the Dutch market lacked a high-end, luxurious shop with products specially designed for the female body to explore, slow down and really deeply enjoy. It was the start of Pleasure Siren. To bring to the market the products Shayna so deeply longed for for her clients.

EmVROUWerment is a Dutch community for women to learn more about their bodies. We offer online and ofline courses, workshops and retreats. Focussing on the menstrual cycle, hormones, sexual pleasure as a woman and selflove. We combine science with tantric, taoist and sjamanic practices. For the last couple of years we helped hundreds of women.

Tip for the Dutchies: we also offer an online course ‘Sensual Genot’. Where we go deeper into working with a yoni egg, yoni reflexzones and sexual pleasure!

your pleasure

We believe pleasure is a way to healing, self-love and even spirituality. To connect to your own pleasure again, is to connect to your own power.

The female body and her pleasure are long forgotten. For years they are shamed, neglected and rejected. Because of this a lot of us lack knowledge, practice and relaxation when it comes to pleasure. Especially lacking ways to experience how pleasure can expand our whole being.

Let Pleasure Siren help you. Let us lure you into more pleasure…

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