It’s important that you clean your new yoni wand or egg for hygienic reasons before the first use. In this blog you read how we advise you to do the first clean of your new yoni goodie.

The first clean

We advise you to clean your new yoni egg or wand with 85< Celsius water without any soap. Some of the crystals are polished with special wax by our supplier, the wax will come when cleaned with temperatures higher than 85C.

Slowly warm the egg or wand in a pan of water at room temperature until boiling. Pay attention that big temperature fluctuation can cause damage to the surface of your yoni goodie. Please don’t place your product in already cooking water. Also be aware that the water will boil up slowly and evenly over the pan. You can make sure you stir the water to reduce big temperature differences or use the au bain marie cooking method. As soon as the water starts boiling, your yoni egg or wand is ready and you can remove the pan of your stove.

After the first clean

Be aware that (gem)stone, crystal or glass adopt the temperature of the water, so be careful when touching your yoni wand or egg after cooking! Also, still be aware of big temperature differences: don’t cool your products by rinsing them with cold water after cooking. Just let them cool down in or outside the water on their own.

After she’s cooled down, she is ready for the first use. Enjoy!

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